Wateryam Fritters (Ojojo)

“Ojojo”, a term used to describe the physical expression of a grandmother’s love. We joke. However, it is true that many of us had our first ojojo experience at grandma’s house where as it was being served out of hot oil, eager forks were waiting to pick them up, and grandma enjoyed every moment of it!

Ojojo, which are basically water yam fritters is a finger food gotten from grated water yam. Ojojo is popular among the Yorubas in the Western part of Nigeria.  Ojojo is a healthy snack due to its richness in fibre that aids bowel movement. It can also either be snacked on alone, or accompanied with Pap (wet corn starch), Eko (corn meal), or Cassava flakes.



  • 1 small wateryam
  • Seasoning cubes
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Dried herring/ ground crayfish



  • Grate the water yam into a mixing bowl.
  • Add pepper, bouillion cube, salt, crayfish and/or herring and mix thoroughly
  • Deep fry in hot oil

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