Zoborado, (‘zobo’ if you prefer), also known by other names like ‘sobolo’, ‘hibiscus drink’ or ‘roselle drink‘, has evolved today to be more than just a favourite from childhood days. The growth of Africa’s culinary scene has seen the brightly coloured extract from the leaves being used in exciting ways in desserts, cuisines and of course, in mixology! Here’s one such wonderful recipe from top mixologist and founder, Elle’s Icebox.

It’s so fantastic, it just had to be named ‘Zobotastic’. Try it, and thank us later!


• Lemonade
• Vodka
• Ice cubes
• Zobo
• Simple syrup
• Watermelon syrup
• Dried hibiscus

• In a shaker, pour in a dash of lemonade
• Add a dash of zobo
• Add vodka
• Add some simple syrup
• Add watermelon syrup

•Add some ice cubes
• Shake mixture very well
• Pour into a glass cup and garnish with zobo leaves

Have a fantastic time with your Zobotastic!

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