The ‘Beersky’ is named for two of its star ingredients, Beer and whisky. So yes, the ‘sky’ in this case is not sky as in firmament, but sky to rhyme with ‘whisky’ and ‘husky’.

Beersky is refreshing with a nice kick, and can oh-so-easily become addictive. It’s just that good! It’s easy to put together with ingredients from your home bar so try it and tell us how you liked it!

• Whisky
• A can of beer
• Ice cubes
• Pineapple juice
• Soda drink
• Lemon

• Prepare a nice, tall, transparent glass
• Pour in your ice cubes
• Add 50ml of whisky
• Add 100ml or 2 shots of pineapple juice
• Pour in any beer of your choice (leaving just enough room to top up with next item)
• Put in a dash of clear soda drink
• Garnish with a slice of lemon and enjoy!

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