Meet Iquo Ukoh: The Author, Nutritionist, and Dietitian

Iquo Ukoh

Iquo Ukoh is a Nigerian food expert, consultant, nutritionist, dietitian, and podcaster. She is the founder of 1Q Food Platter, a blog that showcases the quality and originality of Nigerian cuisine. She is also the author of Memories on a Platter: My Journey with Nigerian Food, a cookbook that documents her personal and professional experiences with Nigerian food and culture12.

Iquo Ukoh was trained as a dietitian at the University of Nigeria and worked briefly as a dietetic intern at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. She then joined Nestle Foods Nigeria PLC, where she rose to become the first and only female executive director in the company’s history. She retired from Nestle in 2013 after 26 years of service32.

Iquo Ukoh started her culinary journey in 2013, when she launched her blog, 1Q Food Platter, to share her passion and knowledge of Nigerian food. She adopted a deliberate strategy of presenting and photographing Nigerian dishes in an irresistibly appealing manner, as well as developing recipes that are healthy, easy, and delicious. She also hosts a podcast, The 1Q Food Platter Show, where she interviews guests and discusses various topics related to food and nutrition2.

Iquo Ukoh published her cookbook, Memories on a Platter, in 2023, to preserve and promote the Nigerian identity through food. The book features over 130 recipes, 22 stories and conversations, and stunning images. It also incorporates pidgin English and other Nigerian languages to reflect the diversity and richness of Nigerian culture. The book is a generational keepsake and a source of inspiration for anyone who loves Nigerian food or wants to learn more about it14.

Iquo Ukoh lives by the philosophy of being true to oneself and one’s art. She is passionate about educating and inspiring the younger generation of food lovers and food entrepreneurs. She is also a caring and generous person who supports various charities and causes in her community. She is a mother of three children and a grandmother of many. She is a living legend and a national pride.

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