A healthy African food and lifestyle platform wholly committed to showcasing the best of healthy African food and lifestyle.

With over fifty original shows to our credit, we are perfectly positioned to tell Africa’s stories food stories from our African perspective, visually document important information around this, and create wholesome content across different food categories; categories that cover content connected to Food Reality, Foodbay Junior Content, Snackable Content, and Culinary Shows, Cocktails & Mocktails, Local beverages, Local snacks, Food Discovery…and lots more.

Our Goal? To place African food in a position of prominence on the World Food Map.

VISION: Our vision is to put African food on the world food map

In the land blessed by the elements, all flourished. The old grew to ripe old ages and the young stayed strong and bloomed. The secret lay in mystical recipes made from herbs, staples and spices; age-old recipes that were handed down from generation to generation through stories told by custodians. Each family had its custodian who took their task serious and made certain the legacy was passed on. As time wore on and the world changed and opened up. With these changes, the custodians faced problems with ensuring that the magic could continue to be passed on.

Over time, some custodians passed on, and some of their recipes died with them. The magic soon became lost.

The four elements were unhappy. They needed a way to reach the people and revive the magic. A meeting was held on the vast shores of the Atlantic – a place where all elements could be present…

Water came with her life-giving force.
Sun brought with him energy and growth.

Earth stood fast; full of secrets of the ancients, waiting to be reborn, and Air danced, blessing all with her free gift. There on the shores, they were joined by the spirits of ancestors long gone. And thus was the magic rebirthed- the past and the future with the magic of the present. They called the spot Food bay- a symbol of the very essence of the lifestyle element that kept the people healthy and happy.
And thus began the legend of FoodbayTV. Inasmuch as there was a person with a custodian in their lineage, the magic was rekindled and the stories reawakened to be passed through different mediums on FOODBAY TV.

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