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Traditional Meals

Making Concoction Rice With Stock Fish

CONCOCTION RICE The Nigerian native Jollof Rice, also known as Palm oil Rice is a  hearty, flavourful and and deeply comforting meal. It is quite different from the popular Nigerian

Catfish Peppersoup

CATFISH PEPPERSOUP Catfish pepper soup is a delicious meal and one of the ultimate Nigerian comfort foods that’s also very easy to prepare. Peppersoup joints (local restaurants that serve peppersoup)

Semolina Vegetable Pancake

Here’s yet another yummy way to have your pancakes – made with semolina, and vegetables and served with a dusting of suya spice – yes! It is still pancakes, but


The kelewele song was sang by many Ghanaians in their youthful days: Moko yashi kelewele Africa                          (They are

Wateryam Fritters (Ojojo)

"Ojojo", a term used to describe the physical expression of a grandmother’s love. We joke. However, it is true that many of us had our first ojojo experience at grandma’s

Pancake Rolls

Pancakes are easy to make and can be customized to suit almost any palate or dietary plan. For this one we used just 3 ingredients to make our batter –

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