Beyond The Slime – Interesting Facts About Okra

Many grow up knowing one style of okra and sticking with it. The okra is not one particularly exciting looking vegetable, what with its slime and the prickly body, however there’s more to this veggie than many realize. This tiny cheap vegetable is packed with nutrients that are beneficial to the body.  In Nigeria, okra is consumed in two major ways – as a plain green slimy blend eaten with the red tomato/pepper/onion stew or as a soup, made with peppers and choice proteins. Let’s share some things you might not know about the okra plant.

  1. There is a red specie of okrafacts-about-okra
  2. Okra is also called guibo or guimoyombo , and it is where the Louisiana gumbo got its name from and is the key ingredient used in making gumbo
  3. Okra was likely introduced to the US in the early 18th century
  4. Okra is rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber, folic acid, vitamin B5, C and A, and protein and essential minerals, including potassium, magnesium and iron and antioxidants which makes it just as super as some superfoods
  5. Okro is believed to be an aphrodisiac
  6. In some parts of the world, it goes by the name ‘lady’s fingers’.
  7. The wild okra crop originated along Nile in Abyssinia, known today as Ethiopia.
  8. Enslaved women sometimes used okra to achieve abortions by lubricating the uterine passage of pregnant women with the plant’s slimy pods. This is still in practice in some parts of West Africa today
  9. Okra seeds can be used to make ‘coffee’
  10. Okra can be made by in several ways: deep fried, roasted, pickled, stewed, as a salad…to mentio but a few
  11. Old and hard okras are used to make paper and rope
  12. It has many health benefits like treating inflammationsuch as rheumatism, arthritis and sprains, regulating blood sugar, and several others.
  13. It is best stored frozen

Do you know any other interesting things about okra? What do you use okra for? How do you like to consume your okra? We’d like to hear from you!

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