5 Superfoods You’ll Find In The Market


The term ‘superfoods’ is one that has popped up more and more recently in relation to content pertaining to certain foods which have been some reason, deemed better than some others in their category. So what differentiates these super foods from the others in their category?

The unique thing about super foods is that these seemingly tiny innocuous foods, which could be fish, dairy or plant-based, come packed with nutrients which are beneficial to the body and help ward off illnesses to promote long, healthy living. So what foods are considered super foods?

While these foods contain minerals and vitamins which are essential to mental and physical well-being, they should not be consumed in uncontrolled portions or with no thought for their suitability to health conditions. Here are 5 groups of foods which are considered super:

  1. GREEN AND LEAFY VEGETABLES: This includes vegetables like kale and spinach. Green leafy vegetables contain minerals which contribute to making them immunity boosters, good enough to ward off some types cancers, and to promote better eyesight and stronger bones.


  1. BEANS AND WHOLEGRAINS: Whole grains are grains whose bran, germ and endosperm have not been stripped away by any refining process. This includes grains like corn, wheat, fonio, quinoa, millet, farro, bulgur and wheat. The nutrients contained in these foods are said to promote longer life span, and lower chances of heart diseases, aid digestion and might even be good for the brain.  the-truth-about-superfoods


  1. FATTY FISH: Oily fish like salmon (wild caught kind, rather than the farmed kind), sardines and mackerels among nature’s super foods. Salmon in particular is one of nature’s nutrition dense foods. Besides having the good kind of fat and being protein rich, the nutrients in oily fish are good for the brain, the eyes, your skin, your bones, your…they are good for you.the-truth-about-superfoods



  1. GREEK YOGHURT: This kind is also known as strained yoghurt and it’s a healthier option than other yoghurts and even ice cream. Greek yoghurt healthy bacteria that can help boost your immune system and decrease stomach issues and they’re mighty rich in protein too!



  1. SEEDS AND NUTS: Almonds, Chia seeds, macadamia, pecans, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds and walnuts fall into this category. These nuts and seeds come individually packed with nutrients that have antioxidant properties, vascular benefits, good for the immune system and lowers cancer risks. Nuts should be consumed in moderation though as their high protein content can lead to elevated blood sugar, weight gain, kidney stress, leaching of bone minerals, and stimulation of cancer cells, so moderate consumption is key (particular for almonds and pistachios).the-truth-about-superfoods

Besides the above listed, there are several other healthy foods which might be worthy enough of the ‘super’ label. Do you know of any which have not been listed? Comment below

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