Michael Elegbede and 8 Chefs Host Fundraising Dinner for Victims of Otedola Bridge Fire (PHOTOS)

The 28th of June, 2018 was a black Thursday in Lagos and for Nigerians, when a fuel tanker exploded during rush hour on the Otedola Bridge, Lagos Nigeria. The official death toll stood at twelve, with scores of others injured in the engulfing fire that ensued. However, the adverse effects -physical, emotional and psychological – continue to be felt, with many victims in dire need of support both medically and financially.

Chef Elegbede delivering his appreciation speech

About a month later, executive chef and owner of ÌTÀN in Lagos, called on eight of his friends in the culinary scene to come together to host a chef relief dinner.  Proceeds from this were to go to those gravely affected by the Otedola Fire. This included Chef Alex Oke of XO Bakery, Chef Benedict Okuzo, Chef Christian Duhalde of La Taverna, Chef Uzo Umeh of El Padrino, Chef Ozoz Sokoh of Kitchen Butterfly, Chef Imoteda Aladekomo of Heels in the Kitchen, Chef Eros of Eros and Gourmet, and  Chef Atim Ukoh of Afrolems.

Some of the participating chefs

Reaching out across his extensive network of friends and colleagues within the food industry, further support and donations were culled on from produce suppliers and farmers to create a fine dining menu of nine Nigerian courses from Nigerian ingredients. Even the venue – newly opened restaurant, 788 On The Sea was provided free to support the cause.

Cross Section of Guests

In attendance was an interesting mix of prominent personalities from different industries such as fashion designer Toju Foyeh, author and entrepreneur Adebola Williams and so many others.

Adebola Williams, Nollywood actor, Enyinna Nwigwe

Mercy Ajisafe and Toju Foyeh

Latasha Ngwube and guests at her table

Cross Section of Guests

The most interesting part about the relief dinner was the kitchen, bubbly, bustling and full of energy as meals were prepared and lined of by the chefs for their hundred and twenty guests.

The assembly of plates

Check out photos of the meals served;

Chocolate cake, chocolate pastry cream, Italian Meringue w/ Bitter Orange Coulis

Braised Ram w/ Cabbage, Tomatoes, Herbed Rsm Jus, Parsley

Goat soup w/ Honey Beans, Corn, Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes w/ Wara

Seared grouper in Chili w/ Tigernut infused Coconut milk, sweet potato mousse, Spiced Jus, Thyme Foam

Efo Riro Sea Food Crespella w/ Farm Tomatoes Foam, and Mini Greens of the Sea

Efo Riro Sea Food Crespella w/ Farm Tomatoes Foam, and Mini Greens of the Sea

Akara coated prawns, sweet Chili sauce

Akara coated prawns, sweet Chili sauce

Below are more photos from the event;

Latasha Ngwube and Chef Eros

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