Kenya’s Mses Leading The Charge For Healthier Diets

Scaling Micro-businesses for Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems in Kenya (SME4NutritionKE) has shed light on the pivotal role of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in transforming food systems and promoting healthier diets in Kenya. The report is the result of a joint effort between Wasafiri Consulting Kenya, Village Enterprise, and Shack Dwellers International. It unveils the significant contributions of MSEs in addressing Kenya’s ‘triple burden’ of malnutrition – overnutrition (obesity), micronutrient deficiency, and undernutrition. Over 60% of both rural and urban Kenyan households source their daily meals from micro and small enterprises at local markets. However, despite their critical role in shaping food access and consumption, these businesses have been overlooked, receiving little policy attention and support. The report further highlights the urgent need to recognise and support MSEs to enhance food system transformation. By providing affordable, healthy, and sustainable food options, these enterprises can tackle the prevailing food crisis in Kenya.

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