EU Approves Vapour Heat Treatment For Kenyan Mangoes

The Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services (KEPHIS) has announced that mango exporters can now export fresh mango fruits either treated using vapor heat or hot water to the lucrative multi-billion European market. The communique follows the approval from the European Union (EU) to use Vapour Heat Treatment (VHT) in fresh mango fruit from Kenya for exports to its market. KEPHIS Managing Director, Prof. Theophilus Mutui, has advised exporters to adhere to the Kenya mango certification protocol to ensure that the fruits meet both phytosanitary and quality standards for the EU Market. The new development is a major boost to mango farmers in addition to the 2021 approval on the export of the hot water treatment system that opened up market outlets for the fresh produce sector.

Image Credit: Farmers Review Africa

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