Must Read: 5 Easier Ways To Work With Eggs

So it’s a bright and sunny day, and you want to make yourself an omelette. Or perhaps you’re just in a good mood, so you figure it’s a good day to take a break from the fitfam life that has defined you from the beginning of the year and spoil yourself with some rich, dark, moist, fluffy chocolate cake. You do deserve a cheat day, right???

You walk into the kitchen and whip out your mixing bowl. Apron is on, chef hat is on, kitchen music is blasting, and you’re all set and ready to roll. Then you pull out your egg out, crack it and let it land on all your wet ingredients, and an odious smell wafts up and robs you of all sanity. The egg is bad. Tears and pain! Or maybe, it is that your recipe calls for egg whites only; say you’re making meringues. But some sunshiny yolk made it through the separation and blackened your mood. Oh yes, and some egg shells too! The tiny hard-to-chase-around sort that refuses to be fished out, that somehow manages to be that straw that would have you abort mission and opt for consolatory alternative…

If you can relate to any of these problems, fret not, you’re not the first, the world is not against you, and you will NOT be the last. We’ll soon have you swearing by these five egg hacks we are sure you would find extremely helpful in the kitchen. It’s as simple as 1… 2… 3.


How do you find out if your egg is bad or fresh? Simple. Fill a glass cup or bowl with water. Place your egg(s) in the water. If the egg goes right to the bottom, by all means, go ahead and crack it with a flourish!  You have a good egg. If it floats rather than sink, chuck it in the trash. That there, is the fate of all bad eggs.


If you get a little piece of egg shell in your mix, then instead of using your finger or a spoon, just use a bigger egg shell (mind you, your eggs must have been washed or rinsed nicely first) to scoop out the truant piece. It serves pretty much as a magnet, and will stick to the piece of shell in your mix. It is way easier than trying to use your hand.


To remove yolks from the egg whites, you can use a plastic bottle. Break egg in a flat plate instead of directly into the mix. Squeeze a plastic bottle over the yolk, and then release. The yolk would get sucked in along with the air. Please note that this particular hack requires a little bit of practice.



Say you need to peel about fifty eggs, like for a salad, or for moimoi catering, and you don’t have enough time to peel them all individually, you could just place the eggs in a lidded container and shake hard. Do note that they might not come out the prettiest eggs, but you will get your eggs peeled a whole lot faster than other methods.


So you need your eggs peeled faster but you also need them to come out looking pretty without the whites coming off with them. Easiest way to do this is to put a little bit of vinegar or baking soda into your pot or kettle with the eggs. These substances will penetrate the shell and cause the egg whites to separate from the shell, making peeling eggs wayyy easier.

Try this out and back to let us know how this has worked for you. And if you have any useful tips you would love to share, we’d love to hear them! Drop a comment below…

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