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Le Cordon Bleu trained Gbubemi Fregene is one of the premium and most recognized Chefs in Nigeria. Chef Fregz’s fascination with food began early in life and by the time he was 10, he was already cooking decent meals. His love for food soon turned into an obsession with BBC Food where he watched and took notes on recipes he fancied.

With a B.SC degree in Industrial Relations/Human Resource Management from Covenant University, Chef Fregz opted to begin DVARD, a company that specialized in finger foods and barbecues only. After his return from Paris, Chef Fregz was born. Chef Fregz is an outfit that provides exclusive catering services with specialization in bespoke private dinners and tailor-made menus.

He has featured on well-known media platforms like CNN’s African Voices, and has endorsements from prominent brands such as Kenwood and Samsung; this, in addition to an extensive portfolio from working with local and international brands. He is a columnist on BellaNaija Cuisines. You can track Fregz here 

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