Vendor Focus: XO Bakery

OH HEY THERE, WANT TO SPEND SOME ALONE TIME TOGETHER?”, the box from XO Bakery calls out… and boy, did we enjoy the time spent together? Here is how and why.

First of all, you should know that XO bakery is a boutique bakery, so as you step in (or call in to order), you’re probably already spoilt for choice as you’re left reeling and confused by a variety of breads, pastries and an array of baked goodness with names you’re probably pronouncing wrong if you’re not the exposed connoisseur. From croissants and eclairs, to sourdough breads, profiteroles and loads of other delightful looking treats and pies Punch (from the nursery rhyme) would knock the fictitious Judy in the eye for.

So we kept it simple – how wrong can you go or not go with filled doughnuts, mini apple pies and errr… some cheesecake? We will tell you, you CAN’T go wrong… and if you’re one of the sorts that turn to food addicts quickly, you wanna watch out. See, those doughnuts – for example – will pick you up by your senses and transport you to a tecnicolour food porn world of intense orgasmic bliss as the rich creamy filling battles for supremacy with the doughnut. As for the apple pies, having them in sizes big enough for one, and perfect for a solo snack makes all the difference. It helps that they are delicious too and the crust is the perfect thickness and crunch to balance out the filling.

We won’t be saying too much about the cheese cake though, cuz it was a tad bit too small get the real taste because you’re done as soon as you start you know…
So far so good… we look forward to trying out other treats from XO bakery….and would you know, a little birdie hinted that breakfast service just might be in the offing.

Have you had anything from the XO bakery?? We’d like to hear about your experience.

Packaging/presentation: Creative, tidy and quirky. We love. The little things like branded serviettes, gold pie bases and the jars show the brand paid is not just about maximizing profit. You’re getting value back
Taste: Everything we anticipated.
Customer service: Friendly, prompt and attentive!
Pricing: Average, not exactly cheap but well worth the bucks!

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