Peter Rabbit Film Accused of Insensitivity and Food Bullying

The filmmakers and the studio behind the new Peter Rabbit film adaptation have apologized for new Sony film which made light of food allergies. The offensive content is about a scene which showed Peter Rabbit and his friends attack human character, Mr McGregor with blackberries.


In reaction to the video, Charity Group, Kids With Food Allergies Foundation posted the following letter on their platform
Also attracting thousands of signatures was a petition calling on Sony Pictures to apologise
Sony Pictures responded in a statement on Sunday, that it was wrong for the filmmakers to include the segment, “even in a cartoonish, slapstick way”. “We sincerely regret not being more aware and sensitive to this issue, and we truly apologise,” the statement said.
Just recently, a co-owner of Carlini restaurant in Shropshire, Laura Goodman faced threats and had to resign after stating on her Facebook platform that she spiked a vegan’s meal. Laura Goodman, a co-owner of Carlini restaurant in Shropshire


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