Iyabo Lawani – A Multi-Talented Food Consultant, Nutritionist, and Photographer

Iyabo Lawani

Iyabo Lawani is a renowned Nigerian food expert, consultant, nutritionist, home economist, food stylist, and photographer. She is best known for hosting the popular cooking shows Maggi Family Menu and Maggi Good Food Moments from 1999 to 2008. She is also a pioneer and a leader in the Nigerian food industry, promoting the quality and originality of Nigerian cuisine.

Iyabo Lawani’s passion for food stems from her rich cultural heritage of the Niger Delta, where she was born in Warri as an Itsekiri woman. She is a mother of seven children and runs her own catering business, where she has trained and influenced many chefs and food bloggers in Nigeria and beyond.

Iyabo Lawani believes that to cook a great dish, one must first understand the food, its origin, the ingredients, spices, and the best method used. She is passionate about keeping the history and heritage of Nigerian food alive and believes that no shortcuts can achieve the same results when it comes to cooking Nigerian dishes.

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