Explaining Our New Look

Why the new look?

The Problem
Our old identity was overridden by visual elements with no real connection to the brand’s true purpose. It lacked a visual identity system, legibility and also the potential to stand the test of time.

Font Type & Legibity
Designed with an overused Monotype Corvisa and Century Gothic font, the typography did nothing to set apart the brand identity.

Also there was a misinterpretation of the brand’s name emphasizing the food, while watering down the bay in the name as against the brand name Foodbay all represented with the same emphasis.

Logo Elements
The logo element are almost meaningless and have no real connection to the brand’s essence.

While some of the colors have some connection to the brand, it looks overcrowded with the choice of colors.

The Thought Process
Inspiration started from the visual representation of the brand’s origin Africa.
The african map can be a dominating element so after some sketching we were able to come up with a much simpler and organic element while still maintaining its overall appearance of the map.

As food elements are cliche and relative, the brand’s name is written out in a simple san seriff font
We could have stopped here, but something was missing.

The brand is made in Africa, but the showcase is for an audience bigger than africa – The World.
The circle all other elements are embedded in represents the brand’s main goal – Showcasing African food and lifestyle to the world.

Primary Color
Combining the passion in red and energy in Yellow, Orange is considered a fun light color that has appetizing qualities to it. As a citrus color, orange is aasociated with healthy food and stimulates appetite.

Secondary Color
Grean represents nature and agriculture it also stands in for freshness – Food in this context, A bright and vibrant version of Olive is our secondary color to support the primary color.

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