Africa’s Food Transformation Needs Game-Changing Action – FAO

Representatives from governments, the UN, the African Union and others at the UN Food Systems Summit on Africa’s food sovereignty and resilience, organized by the Interdepartmental Task Force on African Affairs (IDTFAA) exchanged views on how to seize momentum for the Africa-led transformation of agrifood systems, the entire food production industry from farm to fork to make them more efficient, more inclusive and more resilient.

The FAO Director-General, QU Dongyu, praised Africa’s strengths underpinned by its human and natural resources, adding that to unleash its full potential, the continent needs game-changing action and social development investments, particularly in youth, women and smallholder farmers.

He also highlighted the need for a shift towards digital agriculture in the continent, noting that FAO has launched the 1000 Digital Village Initiative.

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