7 Reasons to Consume More Mangoes

Mango is a tropical fruit which grows in Nigeria, with up to ten species growing locally. These stone fruits  offer flavours ranging from rich to sweet and tangy from fruits which could be firm-fleshed, fibrous or juicy pulp. Mangoes are seasonal fruits which usually come to season in Nigeria between February and March. Besides being eaten on their own, mangoes can be used in salsas, salads, desserts, cocktails and mocktails.

Mangoes contain B vitamins, vitamin A, Fiber, copper, vitamin c, potassium and magnesium. and also offer other  benefits to our health hence reasons why we should consume more of them which includes:



The mango plant – its fruit, bark and leaves – provides many health benefits and treats some common ailments.  Here are some of the amazing benefits you can get from the King of Fruits.


  1. BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS: Mangoes contain a substance known as mangiferin which lowers blood sugars. It does this by inhibiting glucosidases – the enzymes that breakdown and convert carbohydrates into glucose, and ultimately lowers blood levels. The leaves contain mangiferin in higher amounts and for treatment, the tender mango leaves are washed and then brewed and the brew drank.


  1. MANGOES BOOST BRAIN HEALTH: Mangoes are rich in B vitamins, and Vitamin B6, which boost brain health and reduce stress and nervousness. They also aid memory retention and intelligence.


  1. MANGOES BOOST IMMUNITY: Mangoes contain Vitamin A, C and different varieties of carotenoids which improve overall immunity of the body strong.


  1. MANGOES PREVENT CANCERS: Carotenoids, the sucbstance that gives fruits and vegetables their bright colours. Mangoes have about 25 different caroteniods, including beta-carotenequercetin, lupeol, and various gallotannins and catechins which contains antioxidant and cancer preventing properties. In addition, mangoes also contain polyphenols which suppress breast cancer. How? The mangiferin content has also been found to inhibit the growth of colon and liver cancer cells, alongside other tumour cells.


  1. HELPS SKIN CONDITIONS: Besides eating them, mangoes work nicely for external skin care, and leave the skin feeling softer and smoother. When pulp is applied directly to facial skin, it unclogs the pores and prevents acne.


  1. BOOSTS SEXUAL HEALTH: Mangoes are rich in Vitamin E, which balances sex hormones and boosts sex drive. The vitamin E content also helps to increase sperm count.


  1. AIDS DIGESTION: Mangoes are rich in fiber which aid digestion and keeps the digestive tract healthy. They also contain digestive enzymes that break down proteins and boost appetite. They also prevent and help manage constipation.

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