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The holidays have come and gone but a few things remain – man, food and everything food related like chefs, foodbloggers, food recipes and evolving food trends.

Foodbloggers like 1qfoodplatter, Afrolems, Dooney’s Kitchen but to mention a few have changed the perception of how we view food in this part of the world although our Nigerian chefs – Chef Fregz, Chef Tiyan and the likes are also playing a vital part in how everything food is put together.

This piece however is not about the Chefs or the foodbloggers, it is about what we think the possible food trends for 2018 will be.

So let’s jump right in and discuss two possible food trends for 2018:



food trends
Semolina Pancake

Vegans eat healthy. Their strong belief against animal cruelty from killing to eating sees them boycott everything and any product animal. They would rather eat non-animal based food. Veganism is not popular in Nigeria but few people are seeing the need to explore food without animal or animal by-product.

For instance, Tinsel writer Nk’Iru Njoku plans to go on a One Month animal/animal products free diet. Just so you know, the benefits of being a vegan are that it helps; cut down on your weight, reduces the risks of cancer just to mention a few.



The world is becoming smaller than the global village it used to be called. There was a time, when you had to drive all the way to the Amala joint at Shitta, Surulere; bukhas like Saudi at Bariga but now, the world is evolved and Nigeria has joined the train. We have food businesses online now and it’s still on the increase.

You get to order food just by sitting at your office or from your location and rest assured that your food would be delivered effectively and efficiently. Maybe not with a drone like they do in the U.S and Europe but the bikes are doing just fine for now.

Watch out for these trends and remember we said it first.

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