How to – delicious roasted corn

Recipe for one servings


– Fresh corn on the cob (1-2 ears per person)
– Coconut or Pear

What you do

Pick ears corn that are fresh, young and tender and still in the husks. Remove all the husks from each ear of corn.Remove silk (the white hairy threads just under the husk) from the corn and discard.

Meanwhile, light the charcoal in a large BBQ pit. Choose a pit that is designed for high heat roasting or grilling.

Place corn on the grill (The corm will have to be very close to the burning coals 4 to 6 inches).Roasted for about 4 minutes per side, depending on the heat. Turn several times while grilling to expose all sides of the corn to the heat.

Press the corn to tell doneness. (should be soft but not squishy).

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